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Journal of Internal Displacement

The Journal of Internal Displacement (JID), established July 2009, is a scholarly and inter-disciplinary platform for raising the profile of displaced populations through discussions, critical dialogue, emerging themes, reflections and explorations on a wide range of topics and regions around the globe. The JID promotes free and open access and does not charge authors fee for submissions. Thanks to the generous voluntary contribution from the advisory board and editorial team.

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The Essence of the JID

The complex and diverse nature of internal displacement has created serious controversies and ideologies around who, when, and how to protect IDPs. At present, the UN has no specific designated unit to address global IDPs concerns except for an ad hoc discretionary position - the Representative of the Secretary General on the Human Rights of Internally Displaced Persons - which is created and appointed by the UN Secretary General. This partly explains the persistent lack of unified legally binding instruments, except for the most  African Union Convention on IDPS in Africa (2009). Consequently, protection and assistance of IDPs have been criticized for being disorganized and problematic. It is for this very purpose that the first ever free open access online Journal of Internal Displacement was born on July 2009.

Free and Open Access

JID promotes free and open access
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